MiniDonuts.com normally charges a fee of 10% for all equipment sold by us. We now offer to you (The Seller) a fee arrangement for your concession trailer (No fees are paid by Buyers). 

(NOTE: OCTOBER & NOVEMBER / 2020 SPECIAL -  Concession Trailers (any value) can be listed for $300 and will remain on the web site until sold.)


What are the Advantages of this fee arrangement?

1.     We will display your email address in the Ad. We will also display additional contact information such as your phone number and address if you request us to do so.
2.      Buyers will be able to contact you directly. This will eliminate MiniDonuts.com from all email conversations. This can result in speedy transactions.
3.     You can deal with and manage your own sales.
4.     You can save $$$MONEY$$$.
5.     We have up to 500,000 viewers per month. The advertising is done for you.



If you want to use this OPTIONAL FEE STRUCTURE, indicate so in your advertisement to us and we will email you a request for payment. Payment of this Optional Fee is due to MiniDonuts.com after you review your ad and approve of it. Your equipment remains on the site until sold, and you can modify your ad any time at no charge. Payment can be made by credit card or cheque. If you have any questions, use the CONTACT US link. 


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